Honeyvine Milkweed Vine

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  1. suzann,

    i would love another honey vine milkweed, mine was dried out by the time it got here and could not be rescued. so send me two, one to replace the dead one and the other i will pay you for.

    i am a photographer and also work on both the milkweed story and the monarch doing both cycles together in a book with all my photos, i like to photograph all the blossoms of the different kinds of milkweed . my website is helgasphotos.com I sell cards and images and hoe decor. Been at it for four years now. does the honey vine grow pretty quick and is it hardy like the rest?

    cards with my photos.

    1. Greetings,
      I will send you a replacement this week…sorry for the late reply but well….we were hit with a tiny tornado on Thursday and we just had the rainbow eucalyptus removed from the roof and finally have made some noticeable improvements with cleanup.
      If you want 2, just order one off of Etsy and I will add the replacement to the order. I closed the store on this website because I could not handle running 2 inventories….something was going to get messed up 😂
      I love that you photograph them….the tiny flowers are delightful. I ordered seeds for a ruby red flower, milkweed vine. I should have them ready in a couple of months. I also have a Blue Star milkweed vine listed that has the prettiest little flowers.

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