Monarch Migration

Monarch Migration Paths

  1. March
  2. April
  3. End of April
  4. April – June
  5. June – August
  6. September – November

The monarchs begin their southern migration in September/October

In southern Canada and the United States, the monarchs start traveling to reach their roosting sites in central Mexico. They arrive around November and remain there until it is time to head north again in March.

No single monarch completes the entire round trip.  Female monarchs lay eggs during the northern migration for the next generation.  Four generations are involved in the annual cycle.

Western populations migrate to the coast of California from areas west of the Rocky Mountains.

Populations in Florida and the Caribbean do not migrate but overwintering sites have been found in northern Florida and Arizona.

Overwintering sites in Mexico were found in the 1970’s by researchers, the Mexicans have been aware of the monarchs FOREVER and their arrival coincides with Day of the Dead celebrations.

Monarchs overwintering in California have been observed for at least 100 years. But it is only since 1975 that the Mexico sites were observed and the findings published.


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