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It started with a butterfly garden and store bought milkweed that had been sprayed with pesticide.
In the summer of 2017, Monarchs were laying eggs on the milkweed in my garden and knew I needed more than what I had grown from seed.
I went to a “big box” store and came back with some beautiful Tropical Milkweed to feed growing caterpillars…..and they were all dead within a day! It was heartbreaking!
I realized that if I had this problem, so did others…. Where does one buy already established milkweed that has not been treated with pesticide????
SO……Already having an Etsy store established with handcrafted fairy houses and colorful birdhouses that I made, I listed milkweed that I had grown from seed and sold it……ALL.  We quickly planted seeds…..LOTS of seeds and it grew beautifully all “winter” long in tropical South Florida.  We had a fabulous summer 2018 with Tropical Milkweed.
Doing a bit of research, I found that there are over 100 kinds of milkweed. Although Tropical seems to be a favorite of the Monarchs, and a fast growing milkweed, in order to make a positive, long term effect on the struggling Monarch Migration planting Native Milkweeds is necessary.
This year, I teamed up with a Nursery and their grower to get native milkweeds going along with nectar plants (very important in a Butterfly Garden).

Now….we are expanding!  Available in March 2019
Swamp (Incarnata) Milkweed, Aquatic (Perennis) Milkweed, Honeyvine (Cynanchum laeve), Spider Milkweed (Viridis), Whorled (Verticillata) Milkweed, Butterflyweed (Tuberosa), and Green Comet (Viridiflora) Milkweed…..all grown from seed, never any pesticide.

Please take a look around our new site.  New information posted weekly and gorgeous photos in the Gallery.

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We ALWAYS have Tropical Milkweed for sale at http://etsy.com/shop/seashellsandsparkle

Monarch Caterpillars munching on milkweed
Stunning colors on the Queen caterpillar, also eats milkweed.