We had a FABULOUS Spring/Summer 2018 in our Etsy store and we WERE looking forward to seeing you right here by early 2019 with an expanded selection of Native milkweed plants, Nectar plants, and everything you need to have a successful Butterfly Garden BUT…. 2019 has been BUSY and running 2 inventories on 2 sites turned out NOT to be a good idea….more like a recipe for disaster SO…all inventory is on Etsy.

We will continue to post information and updates right here.

please check us out at http://www.etsy.com/shop/seashellsandsparkle

Monarch caterpillars on milkweed. From the moment it hatches out the egg to when it forms a chrysalis needs 20 large leaves. Do you have enough milkweed?

If you found us from Etsy please….sign up with your email to get information and updates.  Etsy has been good to us and SeaShellsAndSparkle isn’t going anywhere. With this website I am able to able to post relevant information and answer questions.  I cannot say THANK YOU enough to all our clients.  I have enjoyed every conversation and every question that I answered sowed the seeds for this website…..XOXO

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