My Favorite! Mexican Sunflower

This is the first season we will be offering nectar plants along with our milkweed.  Also grown with NO pesticide ever.

The Mexican Sunflower has become my favorite with its bright orange flower against the green leaves, it’s a stunner! We had one in our garden this past summer and it reached 6 feet….I had to tie it to the fence!

It attracted butterflies like a magnet. In addition to the Monarchs, Gulf Fritillary, and Long Winged Zebra that are usually in our garden, we spotted a Giant Swallowtail and a Cloudless Sulphur peeping around the Mexican Sunflower. Welcome visitors anytime.

We also have seedlings popping up getting ready for another round of flowers soon. The Mexican sunflower is not to picky when it comes to soil.  The spot we planted it in doesn’t have the greatest dirt. We had a barren patch in the backyard and threw a bunch of seeds from our wildflower pack and up sprouted a garden! Mexican Sunflower, Tickseed, Blanket Flowers….Milkweed (of course) with some Sweet Pea Vines going along the fence and everyone who saw the little patch of dirt before is just amazed at the difference.

It gets a good deal of sun and I think that’s the key. In the heat of a South Florida summer, the Mexican Sunflower rarely wilted and was definitely the sturdiest of the bunch. 

A favorite nectar plant of butterflies and bees.

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