8 Tropical Milkweed Plants 2-7″ Tall


8 separate plants that are between 2 inches and 7 inches tall.

These plants have been “pinched back” 2-3 times before you receive them. Continue to remove the top 2 leaves on each stem/branch every few weeks. This encourages new growth and will give you a bushier plant with more leaves then if left to grow tall without trimming back.

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PLEASE READ…..each caterpillar eats 20 large leaves from egg to cocoon.
These plants will be ready to host caterpillars in 3-4 weeks.  Please choose a large plant or the 10-12″ plants to immediately feed caterpillars.
These are grown from seeds from plants grown from seed. No pesticide ever and I have amazing butterflies all the time. Easy to transplant separately or all together. Any questions please email me, happy to answer any questions regarding the Monarch Butterfly and how these plants are necessary for their survival.

Caterpillars will eat the leaves if the Monarch finds the plant and lays her eggs on it. What remains of plant should then should be trimmed back and leaves will grow back in a couple of weeks…..and the cycle begins again. Plants are easy to care for and easy to transplant.

Plants are shipped Monday thru Wednesday to insure speedy delivery.

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