Spring Has Sprung And Summer Is Closing In Fast

It is now May 11, 2019 and Spring REALLY Sprung….we have gratefully been packing orders nonstop for weeks now. Thank you! The Etsy Shop is extremely busy so I decided to basically “close” the shop portion of this website and continue to develop it for information on growing milkweed and attracting butterflies.

Most of the native milkweeds have been listed. Green Comet just sold out but more are growing. Showy milkweed looks FABULOUS. The Common and Swamp are looking good and Butterfly Weed is slowly growing. The Whorled Milkweed is getting fatter every day. I have some PINK Common milkweed that are getting transplanted into their “shipping pots” this weekend. We continue to stratify seeds for 3 weeks in the refrigerator and then get them into peat pods and out into the sun so we will have native milkweeds ALL SEASON LONG.

Aphids are ALWAYS a problem when not using any chemicals but a good bath of sudsy water gets them gone. We also have been treating a bit of fungus with Hydrogen Peroxide and I am happy to see it working beautifully.

Keep pinching back the top two leaves every couple of weeks and you will see the results in fatter stems and more leaves.

I LOVE the pictures of everyone’s Butterfly Gardens so please…keep em coming!

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