What’s Been Going On

baa6ca98-4f3b-48c7-a84d-08a8fce45d06-1945-0000018152b4ce69_file.jpgSo, If y’all have been wondering why I haven’t posted anything in a while…..Here’s why! These are all native milkweeds coming to life. I am so happy I do a little dance sometimes!

Whorled, Butterfly Weed, Short Green aka Green Comet, Swamp, Swan, and Aquatic milkweeds are looking amazing but we have to get them into “shipping” pots and let them grow a bit more before they are ready for permanent homes. I figuring late April, early May, they will be ready.

April 10, 2019 update: Native milkweeds are being listed as they look strong enough for shipping. Common, Whorled, Butterfly Weed and a few small Swamp are listed in the Etsy shop and will be listed here at BuildAButterflyGarden.com before the end of the week.

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